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Starlight is an established Blue Star coven and grove in North Andover, MA. We are a traditionalist, hierarchical BTW (British Traditional Wicca) group that also works with deities from a number of other pantheons (British Isles, Greek, Roman, Norse, etc.). Although we value historical texts and the teachings of those who came before us, we also respect the unique spiritual paths and insights of our members. The focus of our group is strongly influenced by our members’ interests and our personal experiences with deity. Although our practice reflects the duality of our God and Goddess, we understand that gender is not strictly binary, and we don’t require our members to conform to traditional gender roles.

We typically hold rituals on Full Moons, New Moons and eight Sabbats a year.  Although the core of our practice is adult-only, we do have several events throughout  the year that non-practicing family members, including children, are welcome to attend. Sacred feast is important to us, and we can accommodate a wide range of dietary restrictions. We value mirth as well as reverence in our circles and in our lives. We are crafty, as well as Crafty, and we make many of our own tools and candles. Our circles are rife with liturgical music and singing. For more information on Blue Star and how liturgical music became so central to our tradition, see Home Again.

Our active members range in age from our thirties to our fifties. We are a passionate, creative, socially progressive group of career-focused professionals with varied interests, but we don’t require that new students fit that mold.

We are most easily accessible by car. There are commuter rail stations within a couple of miles, but no easy public transporation to the covenstead. Students outside of the area will be considered but must be willing to travel for circles and classes.

We are a welcoming group, and we value balance and diversity along many axes.

If you might be interested in studying with us and would like to get to know us better, please contact us at the following email addresses:

tigira at

meadmaker at

Posted June 7, 2015 by Tigira

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